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Sustainability and Carbon Emissions Policy

1. Introduction

Monster Parties Trade Limited ("the Company") recognises the urgent need to address environmental challenges and is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. This policy outlines our commitment to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner, working towards minimising our carbon footprint, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

2. Policy Statement

At Monster Parties Trade Limited, we acknowledge our responsibility to protect the environment, conserve resources, and reduce our impact on the climate. We aim to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of our business operations and supply chains. This includes setting measurable targets to reduce carbon emissions and continuously improving our sustainability efforts.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, workers, contractors, suppliers, and partners working on behalf of Monster Parties Trade Limited. It encompasses our company-owned facilities, transportation, and supply chains.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and industry standards related to sustainability and carbon emissions. We will stay informed of any changes in legislation and adjust our practices accordingly.

5. Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets

Monster Parties Trade Limited will set ambitious, science-based targets to reduce our carbon emissions. We will regularly monitor and report our progress toward achieving these targets.

6. Energy Efficiency

We will strive to improve energy efficiency in our operations by adopting energy-saving technologies and practices. This includes monitoring energy consumption, optimising processes, and encouraging responsible energy use by employees.

7. Waste Management

The Company will implement waste management strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials wherever possible. We will aim to minimise waste generation and dispose of any waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

8. Sustainable Procurement

We will give preference to suppliers and partners who demonstrate strong commitments to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This includes considering factors such as eco-friendly products, reduced plastic packaging, ethical sourcing, and responsible manufacturing practices.

9. Transportation and Logistics

Monster Parties Trade Limited will explore ways to minimise the environmental impact of our transportation and logistics operations. This may involve optimising routes, using low-emission vehicles, and encouraging alternative transportation methods for employees where feasible.

10. Biodiversity and Natural Resources

We will endeavour to protect biodiversity and natural resources in the areas where we operate. This may involve implementing conservation measures and supporting initiatives that promote biodiversity preservation.

11. Employee Engagement

We will promote sustainability awareness among our employees and workers. Training and education programs will be provided to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour in the workplace and beyond.

12. Continuous Improvement

We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our sustainability and carbon emissions efforts. Feedback from stakeholders and employees will be taken into account to drive continuous improvement in our practices.

13. Communication

This policy will be communicated to all employees, workers, contractors, suppliers, and partners. It will also be made available to the public via our company website.

14. Review

This policy will be reviewed annually or more frequently if required, to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with our commitment to sustainability and carbon emissions reduction.

Signed: Christopher Fowler - Director

Date: 30th June 2023